Private Luxury National Parks Tours For Groups Of Four People

Bindlestiff Tours is offering their private luxury tour versions for the same price as booking four seats on a group tour for families as small as four people.  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided that the safety of our guests who are concerned about having people outside of their immediate family on the same bus or van for multiple hours of travel time is important for us to deal with in a way that provides them with the level of safety that they desire.  Our typical private tours are designed for groups of about 12, where large families or work situations allow for entire van or bus to be filled by the same group of people.  Because there are no people from outside of this group involved in the tour, we are able to tailor the activities and places that we visit more specifically for the group then we would be in any other situation.  Normally, our group tours involve a cross section of the population with different needs as well as different levels of physical fitness.  This means that even though we may have people on board who would enjoy the difficult hiking situation, not every member of the group would be able to participate in that kind of activity.  We must keep our group together and therefore we do not have the ability to offer specific elements that would not be applicable towards other members of the group.  Within a private situation, we have the ability to make more specific decisions as far as what kinds of activities will happen.  National parks of the United States give a wide variety of activities to those who were seeking them, and almost any level or type of adventure can be had.  With our group tours we do not have the ability to explore some of these more strenuous or difficult activities like we do and private setting.  The typical private tour involves at least 12 seats in the bus being secured by a single group or family.  This number was necessary in order to cover the cos.
For the time being, you can book a private tour of the national parks that we service by purchasing four or more tickets for the tour of your choice.  The stock images are priced at around the same price points that would be to book a group tour for four people, and are now offered specifically to be able to give family is the sense of protection and safety that is necessary during this extraordinary time.  This is a limited time offer, and must be taken advantage of quickly in order to assure participation.
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