Also he told to check () by Emily Short

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7 Aug.

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Hello everyone, I went to the International Roguelike Developer Conference (IRDC 2016).
It was fun, you can watch it on twitch and they are gonna stream tomorrow ().
Markov Text Generation: Caves of Quds text/books/tomes/realms/lore are generated using Markov Chain models.
They use Markov Chain models to generate paragraphs (3 to 6 sentences) and books (4 to 8 paragraphs).

Some other people do two direction Markov Chain instead of one direction Markov Chain

For book titles they used a template filling like but this technique is kinda limited so they replaced it by a generated sentence from Markov Chain models with limited length then shove off the unwanted words from the beginning and the end of the sentence.
For hidden secrets in the book, .

He generate all the secrets first then he add them to the Markov Chain model

Also he told to check () by Emily Short.
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