Joint Webinar with FSLogix and deviceTRUST

Joint Webinar with FSLogix and deviceTRUST.
On November 16, .

I had the great pleasure to moderate a joint webinar with FSLogix and deviceTRUST

I like both companies and their products very much as you can see from previous article s (FSLogix, deviceTRUST).
But combining the two is even better.
In this webinar Kevin Goodman and Sascha Goeckel demonstrated how deviceTRUST provides monitoring of endpoints through context awareness and uses policy/admin defined triggers that provide FSLogix Apps the ability to control application access on those endpoint devices in virtual sessions.

This can be used for license compliance and to secure VDI gold images

If you want to watch the recording of this webinar, view it here ( registration required).
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Joint Benny Tritsch, .

FSLogix and deviceTRUST Webinar

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