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Facebook LIVE Q&A with CEO Patrice Banks

Did you miss your chance to interact directly with our CEO Patrice Banks last Sunday

Patrice was answering questions about how she started the business, what to do for your car during coronavirus, being a woman in a male dominated industry, car repair questions and more.
This video was recorded LIVE on the Shecanic® Community Facebook Group and we recently uploaded it to our here for you to view.
This closed Facebook group, for the ladies only (sorry fellas) was created by Girls Auto Clinic for women drivers and women mechanics to support each other, ask car-related questions, and talk freely about their car-related struggles and triumphs.
It is the #1 place online to connect with other women determined to gain empowerment and feel good about owning their cars.
Make sure you join our Shecanic Community for future Shecanic LIVE videos and other exclusive content coming out every week.


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